Jewellery is a form of personal adornment; made to adorn every part of the body and manifests itself as rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It is made and carved from the most precious of metals and contains the most radiant of gemstones.

Jewellery is most appreciated beyond its material properties of design and pattern, it is appreciated to its meaning and symbolism.

Jewellery differs from other items of personal adornment in that its purpose is to look appealing. Squisito Gioielle is committed that each jewel will not only look appealing, it will adorn each part of the body with the commitment of exquisiteness to eternity. For every diamond, comes a new meaning of honour and the immortal being of our Love in Jewellery.

We welcome you to the new age of Jewellery and allow us to take you into the next decade of the 21st Century to adorn you with flawless artistry.














Our Promise to every valued client that each item produced is manufactured from beginning to ensure exclusivity and brilliance. Only the best goldsmiths in South Africa are used in our production process which allows us to be proud of the final product and ensure ever lasting quality.

Every Diamond used by Squisito Gioielle is authentic and certified by internationally recognized diamond laboratories. We do not supply nor condone the use of conflict diamonds from which many lives are needlessly sacrificed each year. It is in great sincerity we endeavour to ensure we use the best quality diamonds available at the best possible rates to our clients, thereby fulfilling our business model of allowing the best value for money for the clients.

Our biggest promise? To guarantee our Love in Jewellery